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Our Vision

To put people at the center of new technologies and data and help make organizations go all digital.

Our Story

Modul Media Kiev was founded in 2016 in Kiev and was originally conceived as a project company for an extensive media IT project that could not be implemented in Germany due to the pronounced lack of IT specialists. 

In 2018 Modul Media was established in Austria to service our clients in German-speaking countries.

As a result of growing our customers, Modul Media LLC was founded in Dubai in January 2020, on one hand, to provide customers with a processing point in the Middle East and on the other hand to establish local customer service and central marketing on-site.

As leaders, we're no stranger to setting strategy, prioritizing, and managing others. But leading a large function or operation demands something more — it requires that we drive organizational-level results as experienced leaders.


As we manage a business unit, large function, or division, we also develop our capabilities in terms of strategic thinking, working across boundaries, influence, and agility.

Experienced Leadership

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